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About Co27

"We curate retail spaces and tailor custom branded products for the hospitality and
other industries to grow your business."

CO27 Retail Developers has been in the fashion world for over 30 years as buyers, designers and retail business managers. Our passion is to create spaces and merchandise that magnetizes customers into buying and enhances them to keep coming back. It is all about the experience the customer will take back home with them, We identify what your guests want, the latest market trends and sources from the top vendors in the industry. We are well versed in the needs of the guests as well as tracking market conditions, seasonal needs, inventory and staff training.


Our focus is to curate each space customized to the theme of the hotel extending the experience of the guests beyond checkout.

We bring you our many years of performance well beyond your expectations.

Co27 Retail Developers provides retail management, buying and consulting services for the hospitality industry. We understand brands and trends, identify the right products and deliver successful spaces that will best attract customers and increase sales.


Ileana Abbo Berenstein


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